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A Very Good Software having all the features for running a Local Cable Channel. Perfect for budget oriented channel. Lots of modern features like MOM, MOW, URW...

• Online Chroma with Video Background, Multiple Window, IP Source in Live Video.

• Breaking News, Flash News, News Headlines, Water Mark Logo, 3D Map, Weather

• Election/Polling Result, Stock Exchange bar, Ultra Smooth Scroll bars.

• Transparent Scroll Bars, Scroll Ads, Now Showing Song Titles, Special logo.

• Easy duel-layer double live massage setup for channel news and flash news It
   supports date/time and flash news caption customization.

Facilities and Advantages System Requirement

• Free Full Company Support

• Free Gallerirs

• Free Logo and Ad Making Software

• Free Utility Software

• Intel Core i7 Preocessor

• Intel/Gigabyte Motherboard with Minium 3 PCI and 1 PCIE Slot


• ATI Radeon or NVidia Graphics card with S-Video/TV Output


• Corsair/Color master 600W SMPS

• Internal (PCI/PCIE)/USB Capture Cards (For Live)

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