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If there is an object, then there must be an observer and the process of the observation. To achieve the object or goal the observer must have the right way of observation or thinking. The object, observer and observation do not exist individually. If any of these is missing then others will have no existence.

So, if you are the observer and your object is to open a Digital TV channel, then we are here to lead you to the right way to get it. You just need to trust us. We have all the required qualifications and technical infrastructures to setup a complete Digital TV Channel and distribute it all over India.

We set up Digital TV Channel with state of the art technologies and best quality equipments to produce broadcast quality output at a minimum budget. We provide complete package including Channel License, Technical Design and Installation, Studio Design & Setup, Micro and Macro Planning & Research, Editorial & Programming, Training & Development, Channel Distribution Strategy, Research & Analysis for Multimedia etc. We have innovative ideas and wide range of options to start your own 24Hrs TV channel and earn maximum TRP (Television Rating Point).

A Digital TV Channel looks similar to a Satellite TV Channel but there are many differences in Signal, Limitations, Price and Equipments. A Digital TV Channel can produce similar HD quality pictures like a Satellite TV Channel. There are many types of TV channels such as Entertainment Channel, Health Channel, Astrology Channel, Education Interactive Channel, Spiritual/Religious Channel, News & Current Affairs Channel, Music Channel, Movie Channel, Documentary Channel, Sports Channel etc. Different kind of channels needs different kind of Micro and Macro Planning & Research and different Editorial & Programming.

Overall Requirements

A Satellite TV Channel or a Digital TV Channel setup needs the following basic requirements to run successfully :-

  • Channel License
  • Technical Design & Installation
  • Studio Design and Setup
  • Micro and Macro Planning & Research
  • Training & Development
  • Manpower Planning & Placement
  • Advertisement Marketing
  • Channel Distribution Strategy
  • Research & Analysis for Multimedia

We provide all kind of equipments to setup a Digital or Satellite TV Channel such as Broadcasting Servers, Broadcasting Software, Virtual Studio Systems, Teleports, IP Encoders, IP Decoders, AV Transmitters, Internet Servers, Studio Equipments etc. We also provide Technical Team and Manpower to support every needs of the project.

Benefits & Revenue
A TV Channel basically earns from commercial breaks between programs. More TRP attracts advertisers to advertise on that TV Channel and thus you can get more benefits and revenue from your TV Channel. A popular Digital TV Channel can earn Rs. 30 Lac to 2.5 Crore per month and more depending on the advertisement marketing policies. A Satellite TV Channel earns 10 times more than a Ground TV Channel depending on TRP and distribution strategy.

Basically revenue comes from the following parts of a TV Channel :-

  • Own Product Marketing
  • Own Company Promotions
  • Spot Advertisement, Sponsor Logos, Scrolls etc.

  • Promotional Live Programs
  • Astrologer Live Programs
  • Tele Films
  • Advertisement Marketing
  • Serials, Business Sky Shoppe Programs
  • Channel Slots
  • Live Reality Shows etc.

We provide all kind of equipments to setup a Digital or Satellite TV Channel such as Broadcasting Servers, Broadcasting Software, Virtual Studio Systems, Teleports, IP Encoders, IP Decoders, AV Transmitters, Internet Servers, Studio Equipments etc. We also provide Technical Team and Manpower to support every needs of the project.

Project Expenses
A Digital TV Channel setup will cost around 10 Lac to 30 Lac for its Establishment where a Satellite TV Channel setup will cost 100 times more than a Digital TV Channel i.e. Rs. 10 Crore to 30 Crore or more depending on the project volume and versatility. After setting up a TV Channel there is a monthly recurring expense on Channel Distribution and Overhead Expense including staff salary, maintenance and production cost.

The overall project expense can be divided into four categories as below :-

  • Establishment Budget
  • Monthly Recurring Budget
  • Overhead Expenses
  • Distribution Budget

The monthly recurring budget including overhead expense will cost around Rs. 50,000/- to 1.2 Lac. A sample chart is given below for most common monthly expenses for running a Digital TV Channel: -

Sl. No. Designation No. of Employees Approx Salary (Rs.) Amount (Rs.)
1 Office Peon 1 3000.00 3000.00
2 Technical Head 1 15000.00 15000.00
3 Channel Operator 1 5000.00 5000.00
4 Production Manager/Editor 1 10000.00 10000.00
5 Multimedia Developer 2 10000.00 20000.00
6 Marketing Manager 1 12000.00 12000.00
7 Receptionist 1 4000.00 4000.00
8 Accountant 1 8000.00 8000.00
TOTAL 77000.00

Additionally you required a monthly Office and Studio expense along with Internet Bandwidth and System Maintenance cost. This will cost around Rs. 20,000/- to 50,000/-.

Finally you need to expense a lot of money for your Channel Distribution through MSO. You need to make agreements with the MSOs to run your channel on their networks. They will reach your channel to the doorsteps of the Digital level audience. The agreement will be yearly, quarterly or monthly basis and you have to pay according to their terms. The rate varies from MSO to MSO and area basis. The large area will cost a lot and small area will cost a little. Some MSOs have two kinds of Networks – (i) Digital and (ii) Analogue. They will charge separately for both networks. The average cost for distributing a TV Channel on a single network will around Rs. 2 Lac to 6 Lac per MSO per month for a prime location. A low profile MSO can charge as low as Rs. 40,000/- per month and a very high profile MSO can charge as high as Rs. 30 Lac per month to run your channel on their entire network.

Our Scope of Work
Though we’ll administer the entire project but mainly we shall do the following works for setting up and running the project :-

1   Assistance in the License Application Process for Setting up a TV Channel

We shall provide counseling and guidance to fill up the relevant application for TV Channel License as per government norms.

2   Technical Support & Installation

We shall provide integrated technology solution to our clients along with complete setup and installation. These include mapping and the specific requirements of the clients and accordingly design technology solution for the clients. We have got in-house expertise to judge and acquire the accurate News Gathering, Engineering and news room systems. We do the integration of different technologies at a very cost-effective option.

3   Studio Design & Development

We design the complete establishment as per the requirements of the functioning of the project. The number of departments, their employees, and the requirement of proximity of one department with another are strategic in effective utilization of space.

4   Micro and Macro Planning & Research

In consultation with the promoters, we shape the goal of the organization, including deadline oriented steps that have to be taken compositely by the organization. Our planning includes micro & macro level activities including one time Establishment Budget, Monthly Recurring Budget, Over Head Expenses, Revenue Share, Cost Cutting systems and Distribution budget.

5   Editorial & Programming

These are core to the functioning of a TV Channel. Keeping in all the attributes that are provided by our research team and endorsed by our clients, we design a content outline, which is adhered to while implementing everyday production. We also upgrade the requirements periodically as per the market’s or the client’s demand.

6   Packaging, Look and Feel

How should a channel look? This is a critical question and determines the positioning of the channel in the market. Keeping in mind the target audience, the content and the existing image of the client group, we design a look that effectively communicates the philosophy of the channel. Depending on the requirement this activity may be done in-house or abroad.

7   Research and Analysis for Media Specification and genres.

Our research and analysis team does extensive research into a wide range of media activities. It involves collecting data from different sources and intense primary research. We find out the current market trends in different content segments, revenue share and the prospect for new contents. Our advice on content planning is based on this research.

8   Corporate Image

We have a separate team to project an effective corporate image from designing logo to corporate slogan. We design the required departments, their functioning, working systems and co-relations. We support to create a healthy environment and corporate look.

9   Branding and Promotions

Our in-house creative team synergizes their expertise to carry out an extensive branding exercise. We determine the platform and the content of the campaigns.

10   Manpower Planning and Placement

Our Team will map the manpower requirement and creates an effective personnel structure as per industry norms. A team on the basis of the determined requirements will be made which can address and overcome everyday challenges. We support to create the job specifications for individual members of the team. We acquire the best personnel for our clients.

11   Training & Development

We train new workers as well as orient old workers as per the requirement of the project. As we believe that the workers make an organization, we place special emphasis on training. Often, we take the help of media veterans to do the exercise.

12   Distribution Strategy

Distribution today is mission critical. We design a solution that makes our client reach the right eyeballs without spending mindlessly. A special team analyses the requirement, and with on-ground information does a detailed planning on how and when to reach the circles of priorities.

13   Supervision of Dry Run, Launch and Hand over

We hand-over a functioning system within three months of launch. However, our clients may call us in as and when needed.


"If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas." ~ George Bernard Shaw

So, begin a new wonderful project with us by setting up your own TV Channel.

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