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ACM Cable Account Management (CAM) is a Management & Billing Software to manage your Cable-TV Subscribers and keep proper accounts of their collections.


• Monthly Collection, Connections, Disconnections and Reconnections According to
  Operator, Collector, Scheme, Area, Node, Amplifier etc.

• Supports Multi Connections.

• Multiple Customer ID Series.

• Instant Bill, Money Receipt Printing.

• Print Customer bills in Different Professional Styles and Formats and also on Printed

• Inbuilt Auto SMS Sender using Mobile/GSM Modems.

• Inventory Control management.

• Staff Management and Payroll System and more.

Facilities and Advantages System Requirement

• Free Full Company Support

• Free Updates

• AMX/License Renewal Facility

• Easy Installment Facility

• Free Custom Features Development

• Software Conversion Facility

• Free Software Training

• Free Online Support (Team Viewer)

• Free Onsite Demonstration

• Free Onsite Installation

• Free Software Delivery and lots More...

• Any Normal P-4 Type Desktop/Laptop.

• 512MB RAM

• 40GB or More HDD

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