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The Best Digital HD Channel Playout Automation Software within your most affordable prices. Full HD Quality pictures, Transparent Scrolls, support any HD video files...


• Full HD Quality Pictures

• Full Alpha Transparentcy Support in Scroll, Logo, Breaking News etc.

• Transparent Scroll with Animated Alpha Background Support

• Online 3D Weather Report with Indian Map Animation

• 3D Transparent Breaking News

• 3D transparent Cinema Scope

• 3D Transparent L-Shape Ad

• 3D Movie of the Month, 3D Movie of the Week, 3D Movie Trailer

• Very Smooth Inbuilt Transparent Scroll with JPG,SWF,PNG,GIF etc. Support. more...

Facilities and Advantages System Requirement

• Free Full Company Support

• Free Gallerirs

• Free Logo and Ad Making Software

• Free Updates

• AMX/License Renewal Facility

• Easy Installment Facility

• Free Full Supported Codec Packs

• Free Custom Features Development

• Software Conversion Facility

• Free Software & Multimedia Training

• Free Online Support (Team Viewer)

• Free Onsite Demonstration

• Free Onsite Installation

• Free Software Delivery and lots More...

• Intel Core i5/i7 Preocessor with Minimum 8MB CPU Cache Memory

• Intel/Gigabyte Motherboard with Minium 3 PCI and 1 PCIE Slot


• ATI Radeon/nVidia 8400GS or Higher Graphics card with S-Video/TV Output

• 500GB/1TB/2TB HDD

• 600W Color master SMPS & Cabinet

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