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1. All payments must be done by CASH/DD/CHQ/PDC/MO/PO/Net Transfer/Bank Transfer Only.

2. Original Bill and License shall be provided after the full clearance of payments.

3. The Products are Copyright protected therefore no duplicate copies should be made without Company’s prior permission. Making illegal copies of the products means violating the copyright law and is punishable under IPC Copyright Act.

4. The products are the property of the company and all rights reserved by the company therefore do not change its content or do not use or copy any part of it or do not present/produce or break its content or try to decompile/disintegrate it or do not use the trademark/title/caption or any visible parts of the products which are either registered or copyright protected or derived from the original resources.

5. The Free Update Period means the First One Year for Every New Purchase which is mentioned on the License Paper. During this period client shall be provided the updated software absolutely free of cost.

6. The License Period means the period between License/Renewal Date and Expire Date when the clients can claim for any kind of issues regarding the software or change of installation address or change of ownership or any kind of support etc.

7. Free Update and Support will be provided only First One Year from the date of New Software Purchase. After one year clients need to Renew his License to get the same benefits. Without License Renewal clients will not be provided any Free Services or Support except telephone calls.

8. All Supports shall be provided according to customer satisfaction within three days from the Complaint Booking Date. However, the days can be extended according to the distance and situation.

9. All Complaint Booking are open between 10am and 5pm on any working Day except Sunday and Holiday. Docketing after 5pm will be treated as next day booking.

10. For any kind of Hardware problems, the Company will not be responsible for the Software malfunctioning.

11. Free Updated Software will be provided on the website on customer request during the Free Update Period only. Clients have to download the update software from our website www.sunskysoftware.com. No CD/DVD will be provided for the Free Updated Software.

12. Clients are requested to make frequent enquiry at our office for Free Updated Software during the Free Update Period. After the Free Update Period is over, no free updates shall be provided.

13. During the Free Support Period, the Service and Support shall be provided absolutely Free of cost but the Clients have to bear the Traveling Allowances (TA) when Supporting Engineers shall go for his Support.

14. After the License Period if clients do not renew the License Paper they shall have to pay the Service Charge along with Traveling Allowances which is called as Supporting Charges.

15. If Clients want to change the machine where ACM is running or transfer the ACM from one machine to another machine, for any reason, they must inform the matter to the office with details at least two days before. In this case, the OLD Hardware ID will be cancelled permanently and no activation will be given in future against that Hardware ID, and the NEW Hardware ID will be Registered as Active Hardware ID.

16. If Hardware ID is changed due to machine change or any hardware change, then the client must present the old system to generate the uninstall code and send an email to sunskysoftware@gmail.com mentioning the New Hardware ID as well as Old (cancelled) Hardware ID and Client ID along with the reason for the change of HID. The Company may raise an investigation against the incident/reason specified by the client and hence the activation will be suspended until the investigation is finished. Client have to produce the proper evidence on behalf of his specified incident/reason, otherwise no activation will be given at all against the new hardware id.

17. All Clients need to renew the License every year by paying License Renewal Charges to get the Free Support and Services otherwise they shall have to pay Full Service Charges along with TA for every call for Support and Service.

18. Clients are requested to be physically present and resolve the problems/requisitions in front of our Support Engineer when he visit the spot. After his return, no complaints against him will be entertained at all. Please check all your Software or Hardware related problems when our Engineer is at your Service. In case of Software Update, clients are requested to report any problems found on the updated software within 7 days. Problems reported within 7 days will be resolved free of cost, problems reported after 7 days will be charged extra to resolve.

19. The License Renewal Charge / TA / Supporting Charge / Service Charge / Software Update Charge / Software Conversion Charge / License Transfer Charge / Duplicate Copy Charges etc. may be different for different Clients depending on their Product Categories, License Status and Locations.

20. The clients will be provided the original Software CD/DVDs along with all the necessary documents. Clients are recommended to make backup copies of the discs. If the original discs or documents are lost or damaged by the clients, they can obtain duplicate copies of the same from the company by request and they will have to pay the duplication charge.

21. The amounts paid for the Products are not refundable and Clients have no rights to resell or transfer the ownership and/or change installation/play-station address of their products without Company’s prior written permission.

22. If the Cheque is bounced, the client will have to pay the same amount by Cash only along with the bouncing charges, no further Cheques are accepted for the same.

23. If Clients lost their ACM Setup disc or the disc is damaged or become unreadable, they need to inform our office and request for duplicate Setup disc. If the duplicate Setup disc is available in our office, we shall provide you the same against Duplication Charge. If the duplicate for the same is not available in our office because of very old version, then Clients must need to update the software with latest version by paying the Software Update Charge.

24. After the Free Update Period clients can update their software by paying Update Charge furnished by the Company.

25. If Clients want to run ACM in more that one machine, they need to purchase more copies of ACM Software. One copy of ACM Software can be run in one computer only.

26. The illegal use of third party software is completely prohibited. The Sunsky Software Technologies Private Limited will not be responsible for the use of these products.

27. If any virus/spy ware/worms/Trojans etc. found in ACM Setup disc, please report at our office immediately with details of affected file(s) and viruses. We are not responsible for any kind of viruses, if they are found in any third party software/tools which are included with ACM Setup disc. You are directed not to install those third party products/tools which are infected by viruses.

28. If any problems found in Updated ACM Software after Free/Paid Update or Conversion, Clients must report immediately to the office within 7 Days from the date of Update/Conversion. After 7 days, no claims or complains will be accepted and no further free updates/solutions will be given at all.

29. To convert the Products from one package to another package, Clients need to pay Software Update/Conversion Charges furnished by the Company.

30. To transfer the License Ownership of the products from one party to another party, the first party (actual owner of the products) has to inform the company and needs to pay the Name Transfer Charges to the Company and get the new License in the name of the second party.

31. To change the location/address of the play-station (where software is running) clients must need the prior permission of the company and must pay the appropriate charges furnished in the Table for Various Charges page.

32. To install the products in the different setup/computer (in case of previous setup/computer is damaged or need to upgrade) clients must inform the matter to company at least two days before and register the new Hardware ID (HID) to get the new Activation Code. In this case the previous Hardware ID (HID) and Activation Code will be cancelled and no further activation will be provided against that Hardware ID. Please note that in this case you must un-install the software from previous system (we must do this job to generate un-install code) then install the software in the new system and send an email to sunskysoftware@gmail.com providing client-id, old-hardware-id, new-hardware-id and new-machine-id failing which no activation will be provided against the new hardware id.

33. All clients are requested to install only trusted software recommended by the company to run software smoothly.

34. Our New 24x7 Online Activation System has been launched via Automatic SMS Service and Websites. Only those customers whose License Renewal is up to date will get this online activation facility.

35. Once software has been converted, previous software cannot be used or no activation will be provided against the previous software. Also note that the existing software cannot be downgraded or down converted.

36. If the due amount against software/products is not paid by the client within six months, the license of the product may be cancelled and no claims against the paid amount can be done by the client at all. In this situation, company may take legal action against the client.

37. If anybody found running channels using our software and does not have proper original license papers or running extra channels with our product beyond license provided for him, his control room and machineries may be ceased and strong legal actions will be taken against him under IPC Copyright Act.

38. If you find anybody illegally using our Software (without proper license) or making piracy of our software products or selling our products without our authorization or permission, then immediately inform us or call Mr. Shubhankar Baidya – 9331834945 / 9433062249. or mail us at sunskysoftware@gmail.com. Your information will be kept completely secret.

39. All legal procedures are subject to Krishnanagar (Nadia, W.B.) Jurisdiction only.

40. Once Customer Install our Software Product in his system, he accepts and agrees all the above Terms and Conditions.

41. We provide only Online Remote Support for any kind of issues. For offline support you have to bring your system in our Local Office (Kalyani, West Bengal).

42. You must follow our Terms & Conditions mentioned here to run our Software properly and smoothly in your system.

43. You must use Windows 7 (for old) or Windows 10 (for new) in your system to run our Playout Software smoothly.

44. We are not responsible for any software issues due to automatic windows updates, driver updates, external storage or pen drive insertion, file missing, any hardware malfunctioning, power fluctuation, system crashes, any virus attacks, slow system, high CPU usage, miss-operating, other playout software install in the same system etc.

45. You must inform any software related issues through email and mobile phone (both) with proper evidence or screenshots or videos showing actual issues to sunskysoftware@gmail.com or support@sunskysoftware.com to get solutions.

46. After receiving the emails, we shall initiate our online support and the issues shall be resolved within following 7 working days depending on the type of issues. Hence, the solution time can be extended if required or situation pursuit.

47. If the issues are found arising from your side due to virus attack, mishandling, miss-operation, system update, file issues, power issues, hardware issues or any other issues then you must fix the issues at your side to resolve the same.

48. After 1st year of the software purchased, AMC Renewal charges @15% shall be paid every year for further free support, failing which we’ll not be able to provide further support. If you do not pay the AMC Renewal charges in any year, then the arrears (pending charges) will be added along with the current renewal charges with fine @10% each year.

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