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  Today’s schools cite a myriad of purposes for technology in schools, including improved teaching, leadership, and decision making, as well as the following student-focused purposes:

  • Improving learning (e.g., higher standardized test scores).
  • Increasing student engagement in learning.
  • Improving the economic viability of students(e.g., increasing students’ abilities to succeed in a 21st century work environment through teaming, technology fluency, and high productivity).

  • Increasing relevance and real-world application of academics.
  • Closing the digital divide by increasing technology literacy in all students.
  • Building 21st Century skills (e.g., critical thinking and sound reasoning, global awareness, communication skills, information and visual literacy, scientific reasoning, productivity, and creativity).

  Researchers find that extracting the full learning return from a technology investment requires much more than the mere introduction of technology with software and web resources aligned with the curriculum. It requires the triangulation of content, sound principles of learning, and high-quality teaching—all of which must be aligned with assessment and accountability.

  Technology plays three important roles in transforming schools into systems that employ these principles. First and foremost, it is a learning tool for more student-centric, relevant, rigorous learning. Second, it serves as a data tool for education to better understand and inform educational and instructional decision making. Third, it is an enabling force behind globalization, knowledge work, and entrepreneurship, and thus students must understand the role it plays in transforming political, social, cultural, civic, and economic systems around the world. The combination of the three presents much of the rationale for technology in schools today. According to Stanford Professor Larry Cuban, schools have not been able to produce such results through technology on a large scale.

  Virtual learning today is a breakeven proposition (i.e., gets the same results as face-to-face learning), while at the same time providing flexibility to its users. The virtual learning tools such as Television and Video, Calculators, Engagement Devices (such as Interactive whiteboards, Quick-response devices), Portable ICT Devices (such as PDAs, tablet PCs, palmtop computers, and data-logging devices), other utilities (such as web-sites, videoconference) are already a widely used instructional resource in the most modern schools.

  Overall, across all uses in all content areas, technology does provide a small, but significant, increase in learning when implemented with fidelity. Most educators are looking for the value proposition that will significantly advance learning, teaching, and school system efficiencies.


About School ERP System :-

  School ERP System is an enterprise multi-channel online portal that allows various Operations and Management to manipulate and store important information to meet compliance and archival needs. It helps in ensuring that various workflows are well executed and quality of teaching and operations are up to the desired mark. It helps everyone at various levels of workflow. It provides seamless integration among information systems of various departments.

  School ERP System provides ease of use to users by same User Interface which is very user friendly and provides handy access to all the necessary options. It is intelligent by the way of avoiding redo of activities and maintaining integrity of data across the enterprise.

  School ERP System can quickly be integrated to your existing Enterprise Software Components or the new components to which you upgrade in future.

Company and Product Advantages :-

Focus on Emerging Technologies :  As Enterprise Application is the core company business, Sunsky Software focuses to constantly research, develop and introduce broad range of functions, security, technology and modern Network & Multimedia experience. So the development roadmap in business features and technology can ensure continuous evolution and longest lifecycle.

Integration Experience :  Software solutions are always developed in keeping integration in mind. Our solutions can easily be integrated or are given APIs for clients to reuse our products and take advantage of reusability.

Custom Strategy Approach and Custom Development :  Our project development strategy includes full synchronization to client’s business priorities and specifics. Broad financial and e-services know-how and dedicated software development team allow flexible and effective implementation of specific functional and system requirements thus removing limitations typical of fixed-functionality products and solutions.

Reliable Support and Flexible Upgrade Policy :  Company’s support and maintenance services are ready to prove their quality on the rare occasions while emergency situations had to be covered. Standard support package also includes business-critical on-site support, free-of-charge fixes and upgrade to minor versions.

Network of Technology Partners :  Company believes in partnering with other Technology Leaders so we can provide you the best solution for your requirements.

Experience on Other Domains :  Company has different experience across various domains. We provide Multimedia Solutions for Broadcasting and Animations Industries. We also provide Security Solutions for wide range of Industries. We also provide WMS & ERP Solutions for wide range of Industries.

Our Enterprise Application domains :

  • Broadcasting
  • Multimedia & Animation
  • Education
  • Security & Surveillance
  • WMS & Logistics
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Inventory
  • Finance
  • CRM & HRM

Sample Module Architecture
  School ERP offers complete feature sets for each and every processes implemented by Management.


  Attendance Management
Working days and holidays/off days setting Maintenance of the daily attendance of staff as well as of students too. Details regarding holidays and off days.
Leave Assignment and Management Maintaining leave notifications with every details and there approval.
Leave Approval Leave Approval Interface for approvers and for staff and students.

  Library Management System
Book Registration Provides form for including any book or resource like CD, DVD under Library Controls.
Working Hours Provides check on library working hours.
Book Search Provides handle for students to search various books in the library based on their search keywords.
Checking Availability & Placing Request Provides status on the selected book and incase it is not available; it will record the request and honor this request when ever available.
Setting Charges and Fees Calculations You can set fees and charges which would be calculated automatically, eg. Late submission charges, etc.

  Inventory management system
Purchase/Inwards Facilitates recording of new Inventory Items.
Out of Order/Outwards Facilitates recording of out of order or outward moving Inventory items.
Inventory Registration Facilitates adding Inventory control on any Item.

  Event Management
Event Details Provide information of upcoming events.
Blogs Provide users (Parents) to find feedbacks and blog their experience on events.

  Time Table Generation Software
Hours/Periods settings U can drive time table generation based on hours or periods in day.
Subject and hour/period wedges Focus to the important subject and equally hours distribution for every Subject.
Assigning Teachers for each Subject Assigning teachers according to their skill & experience.
Preference and Substitutions Particular preference such as first period should be of class teachers.

  Transport Management
Route settings Allows admin to layout the plan for selecting a route.
Boarding & Elite Points Allows users (Parents) to know which are the boarding and elite points on the route.
Passenger counts Provides count of students to be included on a route.
Fare settings Fares per route or distance will be automatically calculated.

  Admission Management
Form Distribution Distribution of forms through person and through internet from portal.
Form Acceptance Accepting the filled forms online.
Approval/Rejection Controls from which forms are validate and allowed for approval or rejection of the candidate.
Interview Details regarding applicant who attended interviews and eligible for admissions.
Enrollment Registering the applicant as a student as per allotted seats.

  Student Information System
Student Registration You can easily allow candidate to register in your school. We request for their basic details.
Students Progress and Analysis You can easily access the overall review of student progress report at any time.
Student History All the details of the student can be viewed like:
• Details of student’s mark sheet.
• Details of student’s extra activities.

  Employee Information System
Employee Registration Registration of every employee.
Skills and Career, Profile Each employee can provide their skills and experience so that it makes easy to know the strength and resources of Enterprise.

  Examination & Result Management
Organizing Examination
• Weekly/terminal/annual
Work flow implementation of organizing examination.
Subject inclusion, wedges, duration of exams You can specify various attributes for examination.
Recording Results You can record scores for each examination taken.
Setting Grades, Minimum and Maximum Scores You can set various parameters which will decide Grades, Scores etc.
Report Card Generation, Publishing & Distribution This will also generate Report cards for all participants and publish the results in the required mode.

  Web Management
Internal and External web maintenance Provides maintenance of School’s website and manage contents.
Information Publishing & Email Alerts Update website contents with information like report cards, recent events, etc.

  Student Alumni
Creating Alumni Provides handle for students to register and associate to their school mates.
Mailing and Searching Provide groups and forums for students to communicate, even after leaving the school.

  Fee Management
Monthly Fees Management of fees collection at a fix periodic time.
Annual Fees Annual fees paid by the students.
Other Fees Other fees such as transportations and library fees etc.
Automated Calculations Actions like automated deductions of fees.

Setting various fields for Salary calculation Provides automated process of calculating salary of employees. It will also consider the days attended.
Pay Slip Generation It will automatically generate pay slips and can also email the same if required.

  Financial Accounting & Bookkeeping
Dual Entry based Ledger Accounting Covers accounting management solution.
Integration with all the other Accounting Modules We will easily integrate this with other modules like Fees, Transportation, etc.

  To Do Compliance
Setting To Do list and propagating to respective entities. This is the unique feature which can also be used as reminder, ex. Tracking compliance of must be performed practices across different divisions.
As a key point in our solutions, the solution can easily integrate to your existing Back Office Applications and other enterprise applications. We can develop integration layer on request.

School ERP system can use SSL based secured transmission for important modules like user Loging, Payment receiving, etc.

  Standard Categories
Authentication Unique user codes and passwords for E-Bank channels access, Password expiration and user disablement, User passwords stored one-way encrypted
Authorization User credentials and privileges validation on every resource and application block, Personal permissions on banking services
Cryptography PKI and digital certificates as a standard for user authentication, integrity of data interchange, confidentiality and preventing repudiation issues
Session Management Unique session identifiers and secured session details storage, Session lifetime control on every discrete user action
Sensitive Data Management Sensitive data stored, sent over network and logged in encrypted form Infrastructure Security Secured network infrastructure provided by the Bank, Encrypted traffic between application tiers, SSL where applicable, Securing E-Bank servers
Auditing and Logging Full log of user activity, Audit of application activity through all application tiers

  Depending on requirements for availability and operations continuity, Portal can be deployed in different setup configurations.

Notifications and Alerts

  ERP can support a fully functional messaging platform allowing configurable template-based reports distribution to customers. Generally distribution channels cover following service types:

• Immediately on explicit request
• Subscription by schedule - fax or e-mail
• Notification on event - SMS or e-mail

  Customer Security Options
SMS Card transaction, movement on bank account, payment order processed, user-defined, bank-defined
Email Daily statements, currency rates, monthly reports; user-defined; bank-defined
Fax Current statement (generated and sent back on-the-fly during a phone conversation), daily statements, currency rates
  Project Characteristics
Type Multi Tier, Client – Server Web Application.
Front End Tech Heavy Client/ HTML,DHTML, Style Sheets, Ajax, Client Scripting, Images & Graphics, Flash Animations etc.
Middle Tier Tech Java/ PHP Technology / ASP.Net & Other .Net Technologies
Database MySql Server
Hosting Apache, Windows server / Apache, Linux, MySql, PHP combination.

  Time Unit
Working week 100 weeks = 4000 human hours
Working duration 14 weeks (3 and half months).

  Life Cycle Stages   Duration   Description
Requirement Gathering 2 Weeks. In person meeting & documentation.
UAT Demo 7 Weeks. Design & Coding to implement the requirements.
Production 5 Weeks. Plan Hosting, Integration Testing.
Total Weeks to Go Live 14 Weeks.

  Development Model
Resources 2. Front Tier Application Developer with 5+ Years Experience.
3. Middle Tier Technology Developer JSP/PHP/ASP 5+ Years     Experience.
2. SQL / PLSQL Developer 10+ Years of Experience.
1. Senior Programmer 15+ Years of Experience.
Agile Methodology We are working on Agile based project development cycle with small deliverables focusing on individual modules which are at the end integrated to meet the requirements.
Deliverable There can be a small deliverable every week.
Status Call Every week Tuesday & Friday between the Team, Onsite Coordinator and Client side Manager if required.
Documentation We might not document all aspects, but we will not miss important aspects like Requirement Document, Design Document, Coding Standards, Defect Logging, Release Note for each deliverable.

We deliver the solutions with 0% defect, so rest assured we don’t discuss about bug fix. We will support minor changes and updates free of cost for the span on 1 year.

We can provide you a very efficient & flexible support plan based on your requirements.
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